Jul 24, 2006

Turning freelance

The word freelance has a mercenary ring to it. After all, it was derived from being a lance (spear) guy who was available to fight on your behalf. Sort of like, a "gun-for-hire"

So last week when my wife and I made one of the most momentous decisions of our lives so far, martial glory was the furthest thing from our minds.

Friends and family told us we were stupid.

  • For me to leave a firm like this
  • For us to say goodbye to fixed monthly salary like, er...OK, take my word for it...it was (is) good!
  • To jump around from firm to firm to firm like this and then to chuck it all up and start our own firm !

So why are we doing it?

  • Because this is the place we feel that our purpose, passions and gifts intersect.
  • Simply because we feel that it's about time we listened to our hearts and our dreams
  • What we actually want to work on, isn't available in larger organizations
  • If we make excuses now, we will continue to make excuses even 10 years down the line

What do we want to do?

We believe that organizations and employees have a relationship that could be much more trusting and open and authentic. We would work with organizations who like to become such employers.

So what exactly will we be doing?

  • Blogging, Social Software and related tools will be a major part of this new venture. For some hints check these posts out in the recent past.
  • Focussing on helping small and medium businesses with HR systems, strategy and development of their HR function is a mission that close to both our hearts. There is a tremendous skill shortage in the mid-size organizations and HR audits, assessments, development and strategy facilitation is what we would like to bring to them.
  • Related to the above point, Organizational structure, culture and services related to them would also be offered.
  • Individual training programs would also be a major service offering. These would typically be focussed on internal HR skills development so would cover areas like Competency Based Interviewing, Facilitation and Coaching skills, Internal Client skills.

What are our point of views? Here are some samples

By the way, we are on the lookout for a name for our firm...got any ideas?


  1. Bravo!!


    1. Ghosh & Ghosh
    2. Ghosh & Sons
    3. "Ghosh-for-Hire" (pls refer: gun-for-hire)

    Awesome (seriously)!


  2. Hey GG all the best.
    Don't limit it to Ghosh & Ghosh, U could be hiring big time in the future & may need to add someone else's name in to deflect ego issues & stuff.
    Ghosh & Associates or Ghosh & Partners is a safe place to start.

    I'm not at my creative best right now. Maybe in the morning....


  3. Good luck, Gautum. Earlier this year I put up a case study on the possible use of blogs as a communications device in Australian specialist medical colleges. This may be worth a quck browse given your new direction - see http://www.ndarala.com/index.cfm?id=1127

  4. Congratulations! From someone who made the same move in April, I can tell you it is exhilarating, worrying, superb, dire, wonderous and of course the best thing I have ever done.....the freedom from those internal meetings is worth it in itself.

  5. awesome!
    all the best to you...
    could I be emailed a more detailed description (imagining you would come up with it in the first place) - maybe I could come up with names...

  6. Congratulations on you and your wife coming to a decision despite the naysayers around you. Many people dream of taking control of their lives and careers like this, far less find themselves positioned for the transition, and even fewer actually have the guts to make the leap of faith. Best of luck to you and your wife!

  7. GG...why do I always end up envying u :)

    Good luck and God speed:)

    if there's anything that this humble guy can do... Will be most pleased to :)

  8. Gautam, best wishes and let me know how I can help. "To infinity and beyond!"

  9. Congratulations - and all the very best for an excitingly uncertain but what-you-wanted future!

  10. Kudos GG...G8 Initiative.

    Wishing You the Very Best.I'm sure this will inspire many others in the days to come.

    Needless to say Bhai,my "gun is not for hire" but if at all you need some bullets do let me know, i do fire every now and then ;-)

  11. Congrats Gautam !
    Great move. All the best.
    Am sure you'll do great.If there is anything that I can do, please let me know.

  12. Well Done Gautam!! This is what life is all about - taking the risk to follow your hearts. You are fortunate to have a supportive wife and to be able to work on your dreams together. This is the kind of stuff that feeds the inspiration for my life's purpose! Thank you for joining the ranks of the brave few who are willing to do whatever it takes to be true to our highest selves! :)

  13. All the best Gautam, this is perhaps the greatest decision you and your wife have taken, and a very difficult one at that.

    I am reminded of the Bolton’s, of “Ridge” fame. Probably you could think of a name on the same lines.

    Let me jog my mind for more names… once I step out of work…

    All the best!


  14. Congrats on the big move. It's scary to be an entrepreneur, but it's also very rewarding and satisfying. Good luck, and if there's anything I can do to help you out, just pop over and let me know!

  15. Good on you, guys...

    All the best!

  16. Congrats Gautam.

    It's great to know that you have decided to be on your own now.

    Well, recently you had added 'aspiring guru' in your profile description and with your current decision you are very well on a fast track to achieving the coveted "GURU" status :-) It would have taken ages to become a guru in a regular 9 to 6 job.

    And here are some suggestions for name:

    And some punch lines too:
    1) Creating Ecosystem of Trust
    2) Integrating Trust
    3) Energizing Workplace

    All the best to you and your wife for a rewarding and fulfilling career.


  17. Hey...all the very best to you and Ekta. where r u going to be based?
    how does GG Synergy sound??

  18. Hey GG,

    Congrats ! Welcome to the other side ..... :)

    I am sure you will love and enjoy being independent and yet more burdened with responsibilities then you ever were.

    No suggestions for the name as I believe it should reflect you and therefore you both need to think and come up with something ....

    If you need any help, just give me a shout.


    Vipul Agarwal.

  19. Hey GG

    Awesome news! All the best man - I'm sure you'll do absolutely great!

    No suggestions for name yet - but its too early in the morning for me :-) If i come up with any brillaint ideas will let you know!


  20. Congrats, Gaut!

    This is a courageous decision! One that I would not be able to make myself today because of the risks it bears but I'm not surprised you already made it: you have always been faster than I was in following your passions. Who knows, maybe you will set the stage for others to follow your track, isn't that all about leadership? ;-)

    Cheers, Olivier

  21. all the best. may you have more joy than gnashing of teeth - may you feel fulfilled and bring about change in orgn.

  22. All the best dear
    wish You all sucess dear ‘Humanagementor’


  23. oh, did not notice that the news was already here.

    congrats (for taking the plunge to follow the calling)
    and best wishes for the great adventure this can be

  24. Gautam,

    I applaud the courage it took to make the decision.

    You have the mental facility.

    Best regards,

    Russ Moon,MBA,CIR,CDR

  25. Congrats, Gautam! I'm clapping for you and envious of you at the same time.

    Look forward to hearing more of the venture.


  26. Hey Buddy,

    Good show and a very courageous step. Whether it is the right move or not - time will tell. Nevertheless of what turns out - make the most of the experience and "follow your calling". Feel free to ping me, anytime and for anything.

    shabbir merchant

  27. hr think tank inc maybe a good idea.

    good luck for your aspirations!

  28. Hi gautamda,
    Tomader philosophy is the same as mine....good luck...
    Hope people like us could change the mind of the Indians who really can't think beyond a fixed pay packet...and a secure environment..
    Name suggestion :
    GG Consulting & Solutions
    All the Best.

  29. good luck Gautam.U will definitely reach ur goals

  30. Go GG!!
    Follow your calling!

  31. my two pennies worth..


    short, snappy and memorable !!

    all the best.


  32. Gautam,

    As I am sure you have heard by now on Recruiting.com I just started the new search firm with one employee, me. Some call it starting over, I call it starting new.

    I have been on my own for 8 years. Have a support system, save your cash, sleep when you can, and get ready for what most days is the best roller-coaster ride you will ever be on.

    Good luck.

  33. Congratulations GG,

    Wish you and Ekta all the best for the new venrure.

    Name:What abt:
    1. Change Makers
    2. Ghosh Consulatncy


  34. What about "Ghost Consulting"
    "Your Invisible Partners" or something...

  35. Dial M for Mehzabeen, IR batch of 05 for the most creative of Names and taglines. I believe she is with Deloitte. Best of luck for ur new venture.

  36. Wonderful !! Tell me when do ya want me 2 join u ??
    It takes courage as you mentioned to let go of a regular job and a steady income, however I can imagine that the thrill of doing your own thing your own way far outweighs such mortal concerns
    GG wish you & Mrs G all the best in this endeavour.God Bless

  37. Wow...Congratulations Gautam....All the very best to you.

    An how is "Oh My Ghosh!" for a name?


  38. Welcome to the pool Gautum! The water is deep, but warm.

    I am certain you will do well! Let me know if I can help.

    All the best!

    Ian Christie

  39. Hi GG,

    Congrats and my best wishes to you both for every success.

    I can see why you did put in your towel and take then jump... I look back with so much satisfaction personally, 'cos I closely listened to and followed my inner voice all life. In 1993 I quit the most highest paying job to start a small 3 crore 3 MW solar PV project - long before the world knew what is the real value of solar power...then the Tatas followed with BP Solar and the whole market exploded - looking back I feel so proud to have done what I did and am thrilled that I ventured out when the whole world called me a fool, including my parents and lo! after a decade now the whole world is paying me rich dividends !

    Never mind so many folks at XL and IIMA told me I can never succeed in the esoteric world of derivatives trading and risk management way back in 1990 and again in 1994...some 10 years later it is gratifying to see myself well welcomed in Wall Street, in Manhattan and in the west generally - in a solid derivatives risk related role at a senior level.

    Two years ago in 2004 I started my own risk management consulting company to take on the biggies in a Manhattan / Wall Street based banks, I-banks and hedge funds, - as a C-level consultant to the CFOs and CEOs - who may not get the to hear the truth from anyone at all...so when I gave them a vision of the truth 'as it is' in terms of their balance sheet risks, and opportunities they all offered to buy me out...and so here I am after a couple of job switches, now overseeing the on and off the balance sheet risks for Deutsche Bank in the Americas.

    GG, go for it. Your passion to excel must be like that of Archimedes who exclaimed upon discovering the principle of the FULCRUM - the single most important discovery in science after the wheel - he said and I quote
    "Give me a place to stand and I will move the earth" unquote.

    GG, such is your courage and confidence which I applaud - I am sure you will succeed.


    K N Venkataraman (BMD 90 )
    New York, NY

  40. How about 'Oh Ghosh !' consulting :p


  41. A great step Gautam. I wish you and Ekta a great future ahead.

  42. Dear GG and Ekta

    This is indeed a very big decision that you guys have decided to take this plunge into the enterpreneul world!! It further strengthens my faith in the enterpreneur in you!! Wishing you the very best of success in your venture.

  43. All the best, Gautam. I've written a piece on freelancing at Tropical Manager, my blog..

    Name suggestions: EGG consulting (Ekta and Gautam Ghosh). This makes for egg-stremely interesting puns (not!) with enough marketing copy. Know what I mean? Egg-jactly.

    And if you chicken out and join the corporate ladder again, we'll finally know what came first.

  44. Dear Gautam,
    Wishing you all the very best for your new venture.. hope you have fun

    Sonia Kumar
    PMIR 2000

  45. Hi Gautam,
    All the best, my mind set matches with you. I got some inspirations from your article.

    Good Luck


  46. Hi Gautam,
    All the best, I got inspired by your steps


  47. Hi Gautam,

    Gr8 News!...

    My Best wishes..on your new journey and as they say "Keep Walking"

  48. hi,

    this is great and you know what I am at your II stage that is why should you chuck it all and start something on your own...though I am more inclined to get into training.....Nalini

  49. Excellent info, I liked it.