Jan 12, 2007

Most popular posts of 2006 and other stats

I thought I'd share with you the five posts that got the maximum traffic in 2006.

  1. 10 reasons why organizations are not able to retain people
  2. 8 things to craft your career
  3. Indian HR thought leader series
  4. Turning freelance
  5. So you want to be an investment banker
At the new year's eve this blog celebrated another milestone, the 200,000th visitor. For a niche blog focussed on HR, this is quite a milestone, even if I say so myself ;-)
The traffic has steadily grown in 2006 on a monthly basis even if there were a couple of dips (on account of posting frequency going down, I guess.

I still haven't managed to crack the top 10,000 blogs list on technorati, but today I am at the highest level ever at 10,829.

Any more link love is welcome :-)
On Blogstreet's list of Indian blogs the blog features at number 26, while on the influence list it's am down at number 90 (I guess that's because not too many Indian blogs link to me :-)
What is more exciting is the number of Indian OD and HR professionals who have started to blog in 2006. 2007 promises to be very exciting !


  1. I realized that I haven't linked you to my blog. Will do that! :)

  2. Congrats !!!!! You are climbing the popularity chart zooooom....