Mar 5, 2008

RiseSmart gets angel funding

RiseSmart, yes the same folks behind the Career 100 rankings have just announced that they have got angel funding. In an email they sent to me they said:

RiseSmart, the human-powered job search service for $100K+ earners, announced today that it has secured a $1.5 million seed round of financing from angel investors, including leading authorities in the human resources and recruitment industry.

Bridging the gap between traditional job boards and the personal
attention of a career coach, RiseSmart - a subscription-based service
competing with executive job sites such as - assigns
each member a personal "Job Concierge" who is responsible for matching
member profiles with the most relevant job listings returned through
an intelligent automated search of its million-job database.

The RiseSmart Concierge is the centerpiece of RiseSmart's strategy
of building deeper customer relationships than other $100K+ job sites.
Each RiseSmart Concierge is responsible for reviewing the resumes and
learning the job preferences of assigned members. Concierges can
modify future searches based on member feedback - for example,
screening out jobs from undesirable companies.

So would there be takers for RiseSmart's services? I think so. Senior executives, in my personal experiences, are really not very technology savvy and while jobs have moved to the jobsites, CXO level folks are chary about doing a job hunt through job sites. One CEO I was talking to was so concerned about his privacy that he hadn't even opened a Linkedin profile.

So in my view RiseSmart is competition not just for specialised jobsites like but in this part of the world it can be a viable competition for executive search consultants, depending on the value their "Job Concierges" can add to their clients!

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