Mar 4, 2008

GG's "CoHR" Mela

"Mela" is the Hindi word for Carnival and since this Carnival of HR is hosted by yours truly, hence a little bit of local flavour from India!

On this corner we have the Cranky Middle Manager, Wayne Turmel who is not really that cranky (actually quite a nice chap ;-) who posts on the generation gap and draws parallels between the US elections and the current reality in his family.

For the first time in over 40 years, the workplace contains people with two very different sets of experiences. As managers we're in the middle of both the age and technology gap, and that is the point

Jon Ingham posts on the costs of bad performance management, go see the figure at his carnival booth. Let me tell you, it's huge! And that figure is only for Britain. Extrapolate that number to the whole world. Whew!!

To be effective, HR needs to beyond best practice, and design performance management and other processes in a way that provides best fit.

Alex Andrei nominates his wife's post from the blog "Escape from Corporate America" (I love that name, it reminds me of the blood and gore movies of the 1980s) on staying sane in a horrible horrible job. My favourite from her 10 ways is:

Did you know that humor can reduce job stress, boost morale, strengthen workplace bonds, and even help ward off burnout? And here you thought all those stupid forwarded joke emails were complete wastes of time

Dan McCarthy of the Great Leadership blog handed me a tough assignment (and I thought it was my turn to be mean!) asking me to choose between two of his posts, and I chose Feedback for Virtual Teams because I think we need to focus on them separately from "traditional teams". And I think this piece of advice applies to all kinds of managerial relationships, although the effort has to be greater in the virtual team:

Focus on personal, as well as professional. Building a strong relationship with a virtual team member requires extra effort to get to know the person as an individual, not just a direct report.

Michael from Execupundit at his stall has a modest proposal for HR, on relooking at the job application process and technology. In some matters the old-fashioned carnivals were

Jake Flanagin of the Maximize Possibility blog has an astounding story about how a business leader is destroying employee morale by bringing politics into the workplace. No, not office politics, but national politics !

store leaders had stated emphatically that if employees of the store cared about their organization's success that they would vote for the candidate of Party X in the general election. These store leaders stressed that if a candidate from party Y were elected it would be disastrous for the organization

All the way from Dublin, Rowan Manahan of Fortify Your Oasis has probably the first audio post in all the CoHRs so far, where he talks on the radio on "Can you have it all?"

Payal from the Spearhead Intersearch blog adds the desi flavor to the HR Mela with a post on Kolkata's work culture!

But Bongs, they are a-changing. The latest news is that "rowak adda-bajs" are joining the list of the endangered. Can it be that Bengali-s are finally trying to get some work done? Could well be. Leave Dalhousie's laid back lumbering afternoons and head towards the swanky buildings of Salt Lake Sector 5. The only locality in Calcutta spared the onslaught of Bandhs (another word recently introduced to the Oxford dictionary). That's the IT hub in the city, trying hard to look and feel Bangalorean.

Heh, and with that we come to the end of this mela! And I hope you have had the good fortune of having it all!

See you at the next Carnival of HR on March 19th which will be hosted by Wally Bock at Three Star Leadership.

See you all there!

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