Jun 23, 2008

5 skills for Career Success

During a workshop recently when we were talking about what the factors would be that people need to build to achieve career success, this is what we came up with:

  1. Problem Solving: We all know that organizational life is full of frustrations and constraints. What we don't need is another co-worker pointing out what is wrong. Someone who can solve problems would be a great person to have around. Can you solve problems? Would you be a person managers would fight to have on their teams?
  2. Ideas: This is linked to problem solving, but can happen even when there is no apparent problem. A person who can generate ideas and look with new perspectives would always be an asset. If these ideas lead to doing more with less, or to get additional business then you'll always be in demand.
  3. Initiative: Every manager looks for the employee who puts his hand up and says "I'll do it." Or just rolls up his sleeve and gets down to doing it. Do you have it in you?
  4. Cheerful: I could have said a positive disposition, but I've been reading Lucy Kellaway so I'll stick to normal english. Do you create a buzz and lively environment around you? Nobody needs the Grinch for a co-worker or a subordinate. Can you relate to people and create a little sunshine? I don't mean you to be a flippant joker. Not at all. Just someone who is professional and cheerful.
  5. Influencer: This is the person who is persuasive and a networker. The person who knows people and what makes them tick and is not afraid to ask a favor and do one in return. He/she breaks organizational silos and reaches out to the people across the value chain. This person is an invaluable resource to get things done. A manager would kill to have one on the team.

So how many of these do you have?


  1. Thanks for your post. can you tell us how to improve them...

  2. nice article.......

    but i was looking for definition of career skills

  3. You forgot to mention a few other skills, which are vital:
    1) Being a man-
    a)If you're a woman max you can expect is an assistant job
    b)Unless you can deal with the constantly being ogled at by your male superiors
    c)And deal with the envy and discouragement being showered at you from all ends of the globe

    2) Having studied for years either abroad or at any one of the most expensive universities in India

    3) Being a good ass-licker to all your superiors

    4) Being okay with all the credit (which was originally due to you) going straight to either your boos or others in your team (who are boss's favs/ boss's family/ clients' family/ proprietor's family members)

    5) Being able to cheat and steal off your employers and clients

    Sorry about the pessimism, but the above is exactly what I've seen in 8, out of the 10yrs of my work-ex.
    TC...S m i l e

  4. One person is not likely to have all qualities, It is better to think more in terms of teams

  5. i believe some employees do have these even if in unequal or little portions..the question is do managers really consider them or jst tend to overlook at them, or are they really considering these qualities for teams??? i guess the answer is not everytime, n not all of them...