Jun 5, 2008

No Shows for Interviews

As part of the HR services we deliver for a client, we also recruit people (note: we are not headhunters, but rather act as internal HR depts of organizations)

One of the things I have noticed recently is that when one of my consultants is trying to set up interviews with the hiring manager, if 10 people say they are interested in an opening, finally only 2 turn up for the interview, and the rest have to be followed up individually, and are usually not responsive to emails or phone calls.

Let me assure you these are not highly in demand talent like software developers that we are chasing, but plain graduates in the sales function.

So I am left asking myself: "Self, why don't people turn up for interviews when they confirm first? Or at least call up and inform that they thought about it and are no longer interested"

When you don't turn up for an interview what you are essentially saying is "I am not professional and I don't care if you know it."

Why do that?


  1. Hi Gautam
    I would like to share an incident. Am a (ahem) a Software Engg and got a call from Blue Monster some time back. I agreed for a telephonic interview and after spending some time (1 hr) on the offer I realized that I would not be able to accept the offer due to location constraint.
    I called up the HR coordinator, apologized and explained that I would not be able to take up .

    I was expecting a polite response and got a shock. The lady on the other side of the phone told me very rudely that she has already fixed up a meeting with the managers and I should have thought about it before confirming.

    So I am not sure who was more professional in this scenario.


  2. I HATE no shows! They go on my mental "do not ever hire list".

    Rajeev - You did the right thing, my brother. That HR Coordinator was a jerk!

  3. funny you should mention sales. my last job i used to talk to someone in my offtime and he said sales people have no soul and will stab you in the back without thinking about it.

    i deal with IT sales people all the time and the rule is you never believe anything they say. we have had more than a few cases where after we buy a product the features don't work or something else comes up that wasn't mentioned before.