Jan 3, 2007

HR marketplace

HR.com announces that it has started a HR marketplace. According to a mailer it states:

The initial version of the Marketplace will offer fixed priced offerings and auctions in 15 different categories: books; research reports; software; training; HR technology services; conferences and workshops; magazines, journals and newsletters; podcasts, audio books and audio products; information products; vendor directories and buyer’s guides; memberships/associations; HR administration; HR services; and contract and fixed price opportunities.

Hmm, an eBay for HR?

It seems like a great idea. However, if we see it right now, the focus is more on books and reports. That makes the marketplace compete with the likes of Amazon and Barnes and Noble. That's not a great strategy. It would be ideal for the marketplace to become a place where HR services get traded (like long distance HR consulting or research - now, that would interest me :-) or selling specific reports like compensation analysis by market and job families.

The only issue is that high value stuff like this will not be immediately sold through a website. If I am paying anything more than $ 200- $500, I'd like to have a preview about it.

The real value that HR.com can do is certify certain sellers, unlike other generic marketplaces.

Unfortunately, I don't see too much of this catching up in developing markets like India. That has as much to do with the lack of standardized data formats as well as high costs.

However, Indian researchers and providers can leverage it to offer reports and services to HR and OD professionals across the world. Imagine getting a research report comparable to the best in the US but at a fraction of the cost. That would be a great benefit to users and buyers worldwide!