Jul 31, 2006

More on HR talent shortage

I had blogged about this earlier, but good to hear some more folks talking about it !

According to industry estimates, in the people's business, for every 50-75 persons recruited, one HR job gets created. This roughly translates into a demand for 40,000 people skilled in the HR area for the tech sector alone in the next three years.

This excludes the needs of other booming sectors such as retail, telecom, textiles and the recruitment industry itself, which needs as many people.

In a first-of-its-kind partnership, Accenture has tied up with XLRI, Jamshedpur, to cater to its internal HR needs.

It has launched an HR training academy where recent graduates seeking careers in HR can access specialised skills that the IT and ITES sectors would require. In fact, the first batch of 34 professionals (screened and now Accenture employees) is undergoing training at the organisation.

"What I am very worried about is the shortage of experienced and trained HR professionals today. When the industry hires software professionals in such large numbers, there is a commensurate need for mature HR professionals who would make those recruitments happen and deploy good HR practices across the numbers," says Hema Ravichandar, Strategic HR Advisory, and formerly chief of HR at Infosys Technologies.

According to her, "When I graduated from an IIM (1983), there were probably 10 candidates across all IIMs who specialised in HR. And another 100 from XLRI and TISS. Now, if you take a headcount, chances are that the count would at the maximum reach only about 150 across these same institutions! This is what should worry us."

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