May 11, 2006

Playing around with Google trends

Did you know that:

  1. Search volumes for Infosys and Wipro match very closely?
  2. The biggest search spike for IIPM was around the last quarter of 2005?
  3. The searches for IIM have nothing to do with news items?
  4. IBM leads over Accenture in both search as well as news?
  5. In search Mumbai leads over Bangalore which leads a long way over Chennai, Hyderabad comes third and Gurgaon a distant fourth. In news Mumbai is very ahead.
  6. McKinsey leads over BCG, and more people search for it from India than any other place?
  7. Anil Ambani gets searched more, while Mukesh is more in the news?
  8. Shahrukh Khan leads Amitabh Bachchan in searches, while Amitabh beats him in news?
  9. Abhishek should never compete with girlfriend, ever?
  10. Sania leads over Sachin Tendulkar in search, and the maximum searches from Trivandrum (!)?
  11. Greg and Sourav are neck and neck?
Idea based on Steve Rubel's post today