Feb 23, 2008

Why Enterprise 2.0 will not happen without culture change

Bill Ives posted on a social software platform that wants organizations to be able to build communities of practice.

While a part of me wants to celebrate that such tools are available and people are investing time and money to build them, another part of me dreads the hype-hoopla and disillusionment cycle it might take organizations through.

Enterprise 2.0 will remain a buzzword until it is backed by cultural change in organizations. And changing a culture is not easy at all.

Otherwise Enterprise 2.0 will go through the same phase as KM went through when organizations implemented software solutions that promised lots of sharing and collaboration and when that didn't work out, firms blamed KM (equating them to the tools).

So I'm sticking my neck out and saying what I said about KM - Enterprise 2.0 is about Organizational Development.

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1 comment:

  1. You're right, GG.

    Unless the Corporate Culture wakes up, loosens up, and starts to trust that people will do the right thing, we won't see widespread adoption of these cool platforms inside organizations the way we see them being adopted like crazy outside of organizations.

    So this culture change has at least three steps:

    1. Wake Up. This is the education step.

    There are powerful tools available right now that could have a dramatic benefit on employee engagement and productivity.

    2. Loosen Up. This is the "warm up" step.

    Take down the fences. Take off the shackles. Relax. Don't worry.

    3. Trust. This is the "take a risk" and "show some faith" step.

    Give the tools to your employees.

    For the most part, employees won't waste time or do "bad" things. They will do the right thing.