Jun 6, 2009

All employees are marketers in the age of Social Media

This post is triggered by uber blogger and PR thought leader Steve Rubel's talk which have been summarised here and here .

The main thrust of Steve's argument is the following:

  • People don't trust advertising as much as they used to
  • People's trust in corporate press releases are low too
  • People trust people whom they 'know' on social media (or Participatory media) as much as possible
  • Employees (and not just 'external' facing employees) are becoming the people whom prospective customers trust a lot more.
So what does that mean for HR and Marketing?

If you and your Human Resources department do not realise the power that your employees have on the external branding of your firm, then it's time to take a crash course in social media, or nominate a CXO to look after social media , understand the risks , create a cultural change to achieve Distributed Influence . Understand the objectives and that social media is a tool . 

I could come and talk to you too :)

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  1. One group that is really learning this lesson is the great mass of recently unemployed, especially those going through a formal outplacement program, where they are learning how to establish a self-marketing campaign that includes: using LinkedIn (and other social networking platforms) to create a personal brand.