May 19, 2005

How not to recruit...a case study !

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is the richest cricket body (but they don't have a web site :-( !) so much so that the Sri Lankan cricket board has deferred its coach selection process till India gets its coach !

And they haven't advertised the job ! Talk about lack of transparency ! And 4 people are already shortlisted and meeting with the selection committee to whom they will give a presentation!


Shouldn't the committee be asking questions?

Do they have a written job description and competencies required for the job?

Maybe they should ask Kiwi John Wright to help them out.


  1. Come on, gautam, you of all people should know that things don't work in this ideal manner in most companies - advertising for a job, and calling candidates and interviewing them? I have seen most jobs after a certain level happen thru "contacts" - why do you think networking sites ae so popular?!

  2. I agree, they don't ....and that's the pity ! The case of the BCCI cricket coach is to demonstrate that very issue, otherwise as Balwinder Sandhu said, you open yourself to charges of opaqueness (!!) and the real pitfall of groupthink !

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  4. I doubt anyone on the BCCI is actually a cricketer, its about the money. In any case cricket is over-hyped no wonder we do poorly in nearly everyother sport.