Feb 6, 2008

SHRM should embrace web2.0

....to become more relevant, feels Kris Dunn at the HR Capitalist.

But is the world's largest HR organization upto a change in culture?

Tvarita Consulting pays for me to be a member at SHRM, and I don't get anything of value from there. Maybe it's because my work is more related to India, but even Kris feels SHRM is not the place to turn to, then obviously there is something wrong.

It's the same case for similar networks in India. Bodies like NHRD are rooted in the structures of the past. How will they evolve to be relevant to the new generation of HR professionals?

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  1. Dear Bloggers at Gautam's place: www.shrm.org has web and pod casts on all the hot HR topics including doing business in India - all are archived so that an individual can review at any time. They cover every HR topic imaginable. Additional reserach, the latest metrics and toolkits of every kind are available every day and almost anything you want to know about HR has some information available. Additionally every member has access to all the other 2,40,000 members and you can reach out to individuals in your same business or industry for professional networking! I can't believe that someone says they get nothing of value from SHRM membership no matter where they sit in the world.