Dec 24, 2006

My 8 Predictions for 2007

After my previous post on the prediction for the talentosphere, I'm sticking my neck out and making some claims for the Indian blogosphere and specifically for the part that ineterests me, business blogging and employment brand management.

  1. Job Seekers will start to blog more and more. Specially for technology jobs, blogging will become a source to get noticed by employers.
  2. Employers will search for job seeker's blogs to validate claims more and more.
  3. Blogging will be the tool of choice for smaller consulting firms and freelancers to get noticed by potential clients.
  4. A lot of local language blogging will take off, enabling people to search not just global jobs but very specific local ones too.
  5. Larger organizations will start to experiment with blogging, but will give up because they won't "get it".
  6. As larger numbers of 2007 graduates join the workforce, more and more organizations will start to regulate social networking from the workplace.
  7. Wikis will enter the internal communication arena as a place for employees to 'create shared knowledge'
  8. Lots of niche blogs will emerge as content gets more and more atomised. Tools like technorati will become even more important to make sense of the blogosphere.
What are your hunches about 2007?