Feb 16, 2007

JAM's foray into the job boards

Yesterday Rashmi (Bansal, not Sinha :-) sent me an email saying that JAM, the youth publication she edits is entering into the job board space with Job OK Please.

It will focus exclusively on youth aged 16-24. The USP of this site is part time/ freelance jobs and projects/ internships for college students.

It also has a section for full time jobs for freshers. So it would be great for employers who need young people (with no experience but tonnes of enthu ;-) to work. The site is free for both students and employers right now. I guess employers will start getting charged after 31st March.

As of now there are only a couple of jobs posted. I guess once JAM uses its publication to build the brand before its target market, then early recruiters would be quite rewarded :-))

Currently the site works well with Internet Explorer, but I had some issues using it in Firefox. Have asked the jobokplease.com team to look into it.

(Update: The Firefox issues are resolved now :-)

P.S. This was my post welcoming Rashmi to the blogosphere back in Jan 2005 :-)


  1. HI Gautam.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful info.

    By the website is working with Firefox also.

    Paras Shah.

  2. How about being a different, here is an Idea http://inferno.aimk.org/placements/about4114.html . I am sure some people will like to work on it, I can share it but since I am already into finance do not want to enter into this business now.

    May be it will not work but we keep firing people who do not fail enough. According to us, failing to fail is the biggest failure. I hope with a gut feel She can give it a try.

  3. Thanks Gautam - we've fixed the Firefox issue.