Mar 13, 2006

Why blogging works

According to process work, there are two basic drivers for a human being.

1. Expression
2. Relatedness

Expression is the desire of all human beings to create and leave their mark on society, for the future. Some express themselves by words, some by painting, some by sculpture and most people by work. Expression is searching for how individually we impact the larger world. It's making a mark on the fabric of time and space.

Relatedness is the other great driver for human beings. As social creatures we have relationships "pre-formed", but we take effort to develop and nurture relations with others. Relatedness refers to the 'quality' of relationships.

What does this have to do with blogging?

I believe that blogging more than anything else, helps us achieve both these primary drivers of human beings. It helps us to express ourselves with pictures, words, videos and sounds. And it enables us to relate to others by sharing experiences and acknowledging their expressions.

Of course, blogging is not perfect, but the fact that it has democratised the tools to enable the larger human processes to find an outlet is the primary reason for it's success.


  1. HR blogger?

    hmmm.... too much personal branding! :p

  2. Very well articulated Gautam.

    I wonder how common is the need to express and how does it compare with relatedness. I mean isn't the need to share, with your friends and family, stronger and more common than the desire to express.

  3. Inside the cyberspace, we are all winners as blogs provide a filter against information overload.

  4. Joseph, are you sure about that? Blogs seem only to contribute to the amount of information available.. not really a sieve.

  5. Shudnt relatedness come first, applying a bit of Maslow (with all its limitations).